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La C

La Casa Agency


01. Briefing

In the real estate sector, which is teeming with adverts and lacking in any sort of differential elements, it is extremely difficult to stand out. Moreover, most of the potential clients are moved solely and exclusively by price.

La Casa Agency, with more than 50 offices around Spain, had set its sights on becoming a benchmark. To do so, we opted for a strategy that would generate the company’s own contents and quality and help us to set the company apart from its competition, while bringing about greater brand knowledge, increasing traffic to the company’s offices and consolidating the company as a sector leader.

02. Idea

Hence, we created La C, the urban magazine of La Casa Agency. A magazine where we would discuss everything related with and surrounding your home: from your neighbourhood to your kitchen itself; from that designer sofa that you can’t get out of your head to the book you’d love to read while relaxing on it; interviews with people who work from home; leisure, entertainment and recreation centres in the main cities and a long list of others.

Although the home was the central theme of the magazine, to give all the contents a bit of order, we structured them into three main sections: the place you live in; the neighbourhood you live in; and what you live.

03. Launching

For issue number 1, we launched 30,000 copies, which we distributed amongst the more than 50 La Casa Agency offices. To call attention to our new urban magazine, in addition to using the structure of the real estate agency itself, we created a digital campaign in the social media, where the creativity revolved around a small spot.